Within the right of landlocked countries to fly their own flag on the high seas, Mongolia has been operating an open ship registry in Singapore since 2003. According to the international legal principles and norms, any rights and obligations of states in maritime field is divided into three categories as a coastal state, port state and flag state. Mongolia implements rights and duties within the framework of ship registration activities as a flag state.

        As of today, Mongolia Ship Registry registered approximately 3000 vessels while around 500 vessels having regular registration. Although Mongolia is a landlocked country, the total tonnage and number of Mongolia registered vessels are more than that of some countries which have sea access. This is an indication that Mongolia has achieved a presence to some extent in this sector.

        Type of registrations are normal /provisional and permanent/, short term, mortgage and bareboat charter registries. The necessary documents can be obtained from our website. Currently, Mongolia has appointed registry agents in 5 countries. Additionally, we organize the survey for Mongolia registered vessels with the wide network through our cooperating recognized organizations such as Lloyd's Register, Korean Register, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping etc.,

        We have introduced accredited quality management system to our ship registration service, operating in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2015 standards as well as offering competitive rate and taxes to our customers.

        Within the framework of objective to improve control over its ships, we introduced Long Range Identification and Tracking System to our registration operation. In order to enhance the ship registry operations and to reduce the number of vessels being detained, we appoint flag state inspectors  according to the relevant international treaties, conventions, standards and requirements.