Number of registered watercrafts by June of 2023: 172


         The Waterway Transportation Law of Mongolia was officially promulgated and enacted in 2003. Subsequently, it underwent a revision process and was duly approved by the Parliament in 2017, thus constituting the current legally binding version of the law.

            Every instrument of the Waterway Transportation Law is established and implemented to ensure the proper execution of the "Unified Technical Inspection of Waterway Vehicles" procedure, encompassing the systematic record-keeping, issuance of license plates, and inclusion of waterway vehicles in the inventory.



  • To provide legal and regulatory enforcement within the domain of waterway transportation;
  • To develop proposals aimed at enhancing the legal environment governing waterway transportation;
  • To collaborate with specialized organizations in order to monitor and ensure the safety of waterway transportation and the proper utilization of watercraft;
  • To conduct annual technical inspections of watercraft, maintain comprehensive records pertaining to these inspections, issue certificates of compliance, and assign national watercraft registration;
  • To compile and maintain an electronic database of records for waterway transportation plates;
  • To organize training programs and seminars aimed at promoting and fostering environmentally friendly and safe practices in the field of waterway transportation
  • To provide preventative safety guidelines and counseling services to operators and residents engaged in waterway transportation services;
  • To compile comprehensive annual statistics, prepare detailed reports on waterway transportation, and submit them to the relevant authorities.


Collaboration with Governmental and nongovernmental organizations:

  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • National Emergency Management Agency
  • Local government bodies
  • Mongolian Boatmen Union (non-governmental)
  • Mongolian Waterman-Rescuer Union (non-governmental)
  • Mongolian Rafting Association (non-governmental)
  • Association for the Safety Protection of Rivers, and Lakes
  • Waterman's Dictionary (non-governmental)
  • Red Cross Committee in Khuvsgul Province (non-governmental)
  • Association of Khuvsgul Province Tourism Operators (non-governmental)