According to statistics 89 percent of the world trade is carried out by the sea. The working personnel in the transport sector, especially in the maritime industry is male dominant. However, there are many female workers in seaports and other maritime-related organizations and educational institutions and colleges.

       International Maritime Organization being as a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization paying due attention to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, within which all female workers in this industry and seafarers are widely recognized, encouraged, and supported.

         To implement the 5th Goal IMO has assisted in the establishment of regional associations of women in maritime and Mongolia is a member of “Women in the maritime” (WIMA) Asia.

           The initiative to dedicate a special day for women in the maritime industry has been initiated by IMO and every 17th of May is announced as a Women’s Day in Maritime, which was accepted by the WIMA Asia with gratitude and a variety of events have been organized in member countries.

          Mongolian Maritime Administration has sent a one-minute video greeting to all ladies engaged in the maritime sector and wives and girls of all seafarers. 


Шинэ мэдээ

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