Memorandum of understanding has been established between Mongolia Maritime Administration of the Ministry of Road, Transport Development of Mongolia and the Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarders

The Mongolia Maritime Administration (MMA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on June 15, 2018 to cooperate with the Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarders, with the aim to strengthen public-private partnerships.


The Action Plan to be implemented within the frame of the MOU, for 2018-2019 was agreed upon by the parties as follows:


- Organize joint meetings and seminars on identifying common problems and challenges encountered in the practice while transporting goods to and from third countries;

- Assist in training and re-training personnel in the sector, support in the development and improvement of the training curriculum;

-  Jointly organize activities aimed at providing comprehensive education and knowledge of the sector for students in the field of Transport and Logistics in the Universities and specialized Institutions;

- To make proposals and initiatives to improve mechanisms for transportation of Mongolian export and import goods.


Parties shall meet once in a quarter to exchange of current information and discuss the ways and means to implement the action plan.


Photo: From the right hand side Mr. Ganzorig, Executive Director of the Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarders, B.Munkhbat, Senior officer of the MMA (2018.09.28)