The inland waterway transportation of Mongolia has been actively developing during the period of 1950-1980, importing daily goods, oiling products from Russian Federation through tag boats between Khankh and Khatgal port of Khuvsgul lake. The transportation for tree and grain products were being done through Selenge river.

         Since 1990 or the country has moved to the market economy, the domestic waterway transportation of Mongolia became inactive due to the shortage of transportation of importing goods, privatization of property and depreciation of facilities till the middle of 2000.

         By approving the “Waterway Transportation Law of Mongolia” in 2003, the situation has changed. Within the framework of objectives to implement the law, “Regulation to conduct technical and ecological inspection on non-conventional vessels and monitoring”, “Regulation to transport dangerous goods to human’s life, health and environment” have been approved by the field Minister.

         “Standard of life jacket MNS ISO12402-4:2014 ” which is initiated from European Union has been approved by Mongolia as a national standard. It improves the control on safety of domestic waterway non-conventional vessels. Therefore, national seminar named as “Safety and Security on Domestic Waterway Transportation” was organized with technical cooperation division of International Maritime Organization in July, 2016.